Saturday, April 13, 2019

An Exchange With Senator Jack Walsh, (D), District 9

This is the latest in a string of emails regarding speed bumps (aka "sleeping policeman", since NCC has virtually no law enforcement to speak of). But one thing leads to another, and before long, the Orphanage Property travesty takes center stage.

Above: What should be named "Medley Raceway" in Ogletown. Medley "Drive" is one of 3 streets making the connection across Harmony Woods with clear sight lines. A "speed study" indicated maximum speeds of 29 mph, which is utterly false as motorists sometimes speed in access of 35 -- especially those cutting across the development north of SR 4. But this isn't unexpected when you have a government that will do everything in its power to skirt/skew the facts and deny quality of life to its residents.

[to Senator Jack Walsh]
To wrap this up, I'm just going to say that Piano Dr, narrow and shaped literally like a grand piano, HAS speed bumps. The sight lines are SO poor that 15~ mph is about the max one can drive without risking a head-on. How did that happen? Piano isn't even a meaningful connection to anything. Yet Medley, one of the few in Harmony Woods that's long, straight, with an open sight line and "pedal to the metal" doesn't qualify? Really?

Why is it that Medley is going to be the only street of 3 that are long and straight (Diminish, Harmony Crest the others) that make the connection between Harmony and Red Mill, yet unlike these others, it doesn't qualify for speed bumps?

What genus of Magic Mushrooms are you/they sniffing? Answer me these questions coherently, and I'll "go away" as surely you are hoping now I will.

Your system STINKS worse than a 2 week decomp. I'm reminded now why I gave up going to HW civic meetings; it's impossible to get anything done. I don't even recall when I made my own push for speedbumps, to no avail; I'm thinking 5-7 years ago. Maybe Mark [Luszcz, DelDOT] (the only honorable and truly decent human being and public servant working in DE Govt as far as I'm concerned) can check the records for Medley, if they keep one.

Sheldon is an unadulterated crook (par for the course in NCC Council) and that's putting it mildly. Rep Bentz? Never had the chance to work with him; he seems like a nice kid. If he has a conscience and actually cares about something -- anything -- in DE, I feel sorry for him as he'll surely be "sucked in" if he hasn't already been handed his marching orders. Sad, as you, Jack, seem like a pretty decent person. None of that matters, though; DE and NCC (and presumably Kent and Sussex) govts are so thoroughly corrupt, Al Capone himself is staring down with a smile.

As Diller [NCC Councilwoman Dist 5] squawked so loudly and clearly, numerous times, in a penguin-like manner, at the very onset of trying to save the Orphanage Property after it was too late, "I am completely done and finished". Given cretinous wretches like her, and Meyer, Osienski, Townsend, and the rest of the Democraps matasticizing deep in the bowels of State and County Govt, you can take this "small blunder" POS State of yours, and all its narcissism, con-artistry (Townsendesque), money-laundering, profiteering, etc and shove it straight up your ass, and the collective asses of all your corrupt and self-serving colleagues.

Insincerely yours,
Frank Warnock

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