Thursday, January 6, 2022

How to view Ogletown in 1982, from orbit

For our sentimental followers, here are simple instructions for how to view Ogletown circa 1982. Most folks are unaware of the New Castle County GIS (Global Imaging Satellite) viewer. This is an extremely powerful tool used by County officials as they "plan" the various land-use activities, usually to the detriment of conservation Advocates of all stripes. Fortunately for us, the latest version of this application includes 1982 aerial imagery, which allows us to revert to Ogletown 40 years ago. Use the below window, or head directly to the viewer HERE.

Navigate down the left column to "1982 Aerial Imagery" and select the checkbox. Then click on the 3 horizontal dots, select "Transparency", then slide Opaque to Transparent to juxtapose today's arterial highways. It becomes clear how many structures were razed to make way for MBNA Bank and suburban sprawl.