Tuesday, April 25, 2017

STOP may come down to a NCC Council vote

We cannot confirm right now, but it is rumored that saving the Orphanage Property for an Ogletown regional park may come to a NCC Council vote. This is not good news, folks. Typically, the county will go this route when something is this highly charged, as a way to shift blame from the District representatives should it be voted down.

Unfortunately at this time, we are unlikely to have 7 of the 13 Council votes needed to compel Executive Meyer to action on our behalf. It could actually come down to other councilfolks from other regions deciding our fate, those who may never see or even set foot on the property. We are not even certain if our own Councilwoman Lisa Diller is a yes vote, as she does not communicate with us and has blocked us from her page. Not only should she be a yes vote, she should be actively advocating her colleagues to do the same, and support this acquisition for the people of Ogletown. When a councilperson takes this initiative, the odds of it passing go up exponentially.

If what we have heard is true, we will be tracking the different council members as it unfolds. We urge you to SHARE this post, and consider contacting your own Council rep and ask for their vote in favor (or reason for not). You can scroll back on the Facebook page over a 2 year period, and arm yourself with all the facts and figures for why this development should NOT go forward!

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