Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Is Meyer's Fundraiser a lure for development interests?

Advocates can't help questioning if New Castle County Executive Matthew Meyer has geared recent land use events to coincide with his first fundraiser on December 7. There was that ridiculous "Panel Discussion on Traffic Impact Requirements for New Development" on October 18th, where multi-modalism was discussed as the possible answer to relaxing traffic LOS standards. Advocates in attendance were forbidden from asking questions aloud; only via index card.

It could easily be felt that Exec Meyer has "strutted his stuff", where putting the brakes on open space and farmland preservation efforts is concerned. He threw away the Orphanage Property, and allowed millions in federal acquisition funds to expire. Added up, it's the ultimate lure for development interests and gaining top dollar at a fundraiser.

These are very sad times we live in for saving open space in NCC where it's truly needed. Based on the evidence so far, expect little or no support from Mr Meyer when it comes to using County funds for acquisition efforts -- regardless of how critical. And this comes at a time when, according to the Democrat's own Stephanie Hansen, we are facing a "state-wide ecological extinction".

Funny that the initial invitation (below) showed that it was possible to donate as much as $1,200 per head to the Meyer campaign, but this is illegal -- and later corrected. The maximum allowed by law for a County candidate is $600. Never the less, it must be pretty dire if a fundraiser is already needed in the first year of his first term.

More to come, we're sure . . .

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