Sunday, September 6, 2020

Hypocrites: Sierra Club, Democrats host extinction event

No Shame: Hansen preaches "extinction emergency" while Dem cohorts Townsend and Osienski pass fat envelopes with developers.

As we posted before regarding Earth Day events,
 the Delaware Chapter of the Sierra Club would not support or endorse the effort to Save the Orphanage Property (STOP) as critical habitat area, as a wildlife refuge, as a regional park, and a trails & pathways opportunity for Ogletown-S. Newark that will never come again. We urge all of our readers to see through the facade and the fraudulence of Sierra Club, and to ignore all of their events including this latest fake "Delaware Extinction" on Sept 9.

Corporatist money has no place in non-profit environmental organizations -- whether that be at the national, state or local levels. Yet Sierra Club is loaded with it. This article explains why, after repeated asks for Sierra's endorsement of STOP, their reply was "this isn't something we generally do". Ditto from DE Audubon Society, given they too are a national org and thus accepting of corporate payoffs and kickbacks.

Also see Hansen talking the walk on Delaware On-Line HERE. Democrats, Sierra Club and Corruption: Perfect together.

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