Monday, December 27, 2021

First Meeting for a Ogletown Historical Marker (minutes)

1982 imagery, with today's highways juxtaposed in red.
Dec 10, 2021, 11 a.m. | Location: Thomas Ogle Gravesite

Meeting called by: Taylor Reynolds (DE Dept of Public Archives, Markers Program Coordinator)

Type of meeting: Preliminary


Angela Connolly (Advocate), Rep Edward Osienski (RD24), Taylor Reynolds (DPA), Sen Jack Walsh (SD9), Francis Warnock (Advocate)

Marker Application & Approval

Similar marker in Cecil County MD, ~600 characters.

  • Good chance that the marker will be approved.
  • Likely time frame for decision is early 2021.
  • May take up to 1.5 years for completion and finished installation of marker.
  • Will send update emails through the process.


  • Funding for the marker (CTF).
  • Pathways in Green. View from Orbit HERE.
    Formal repave/rehab of SR4 pathway aka East Coast Greenway from OBC to Salem Church Rd.
  • Formal repave/rehab of Old Ogletown Rd-SR4 pathway.
  • Addition of a spur pathway to the gravesite & marker, w/bench and bike parking (inverted U).
  • DelDOT assessment of Ogletown Baptist Church/Old Red Mill Rd pathway spur for rehab/repave.
  • Work with OBC toward an easement that will permit Old Red Mill Rd pathway spur for public use.
  • Designate car parking for site visitation? (if feasible).


  • Region is disenfranchised for open space, pathways, historical recognition, and place-making.
  • East Coast Greenway is a national project deserving of community connectivity.
  • OBC/Red Mill pathway is a crucial connection between Prides Crossing and SR4/ECG.
  • Old Ogletown Rd pathway is a crucial connection from Chestnut Hill Estates to ECG and gravesite.
  • Will assist legislators if asked, and encourage citizen support as needed.
  • Upon approval of pathway and access improvements, will redirect advocacy toward DelDOT to ensure that pedestrian and bicyclist’s needs are correctly met. 

It was agreed upon that approval of the historical marker is first priority at this time, followed by the above mentioned infra improvements. It was not discussed if any formal announcement or press release should be issued as per the passing of Thomas Ogle on Dec 23, 1771 (250 years) -- or wait until official press release.

Meeting adjourned at 11:40 a.m.

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