Saturday, March 19, 2022

Ogletown Historical Marker Approved

We are pleased to announce the approval of a Ogletown Historical Marker. This will commemorate 250 years since the passing of Thomas Ogle, and the more recent passing of Ogletown. As per Delaware Archives:

I am very pleased to notify you that the State of Delaware Historical Markers Committee has reviewed the Thomas Ogle marker application and it has been approved by the committee to receive a historical marker. The current time frame for the full completion of each marker at this point is roughly a year, which includes the research, drafting of text, fabrication, installation, and unveiling of the historical marker.

If there are any questions that I can be of assistance in answering, please let me know and I would be happy to help any way possible. I am very much looking forward to seeing Ogletown recognized for the rich history the area has to offer and will be sure to notify you all of any updates moving forward. All the best,  ~Taylor Reynolds, Delaware Historical Markers Program Coordinator

With the year ahead, we will begin advocating for pathways, place-making and infrastructure improvements with the Legislators. The following was written to area legislators whose Districts that Mr Ogle's tomb and the (coming) historical marker resides in.

Given the firmness of the approval, and as the next agreed upon step, can we please begin the infra improvement process? This is only 0.5 miles of pathways between Prides Crossing and Chestnut Hill Estates (Old SR273). This should be min. 8' asphalt with a yellow or white center line, along with ROW delineation through west side parking areas. Most of it already exists as the East Coast Greenway. We are asking for a proper rehab using MUTCD/AASHTO guidelines, and a spur path to the marker with something like this (attached, Markell Trail) at the end. This will make the marker and green space much more inviting as a historical site.  ~Francis Warnock & Angela Connolly

Click HERE for posts leading up to this approval, including the application itself.

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