Wednesday, May 3, 2017

An Open Letter to Executive Matt Meyer: STOP

Dear Executive Meyer,
We are writing to PROTEST the development of the Orphanage property on Rt 4. As Breezewood homeowners, this will dramatically affect our quality of life. With more homes on Rt 4, an already congested roadway will be pushed to the limits. It already takes about 15-20 minutes to progress 2-3 miles to the I-95 ramp. After a long day at work, many residents already sit in traffic for up to an hour.

The Christina School district is stretched to the limits with already unacceptable teacher-student ratios, despite the passing of the School Referendum. We already pay too much in school taxes, I really doubt any further referendums will be passed. How is the district supposed to accommodate the influx of new students from this new development?

We currently have issues with drainage during and following heavy rainfall, the removal of trees and grass will allow more free flowing rainfall to run downhill into the Breezewood yards. I understand that this area is considered a 100 year flood plain. Many residents are concerned that this will eventually lead to a repeat of the Glenville fiasco, and of course should this happen, the New Castle County taxpayers will be footing the bill again, as usual.

We also have concern about the affect on our property values. In reviewing the impact that this potential housing development brings, we find only negatives and no positive benefits to our community.

Since the housing market bubble imploded and the "sub-prime" mortgage disaster, there are many foreclosures and short sales. If you go to any of the realty websites such as Trulia, Zillow, you will find an extraordinary amount of foreclosures, pending foreclosures and bank auctions in NewCastle County. Many houses are languishing on the market, sitting unsold for 3-6 months. Many of the houses for sale, which are not foreclosures, are sitting empty. Why are you allowing new development when existing homes are sitting empty and not selling. This is just not acceptable.

We propose the land be purchased by the County to become a Park that will service areas that do not have one. When my children were little the only close place to take them was at Brookside School on Marrows Rd and only after school hours. This is still a problem, why is our area of so little importance that we do not deserve a decent park land.

The Glasgow/896 Park is a shining example of potential land for development that was instead bought for use by the residents. Why do the residents of the Rt 4 corridor have to accept any less than the residents of Glasgow. That park was the "crown jewel" of County Executive Tom Gordon's achievements while in office. The Ogletown Park can be a lasting memorial to your time in office. It can be either the Ogletown Park as a legacy of your service, or very angry constituents who decide to vote you out of office after only one term. There are very few issues that stir people up as much as their home and their family.

Please send a message to your potential voters that you listen to the people who voted you in office and not to the developers who just want to make "a buck" on this parcel of land and leave the area residents with these unpleasant issues resulting from the new housing development.

Please do the right thing, the voters are watching....

Mr and Mrs. Robert Novotny

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