Sunday, May 28, 2017

STOP coverage in Ogletown Resilience

As most of you know, Save the Orphanage Property (STOP) is getting regular coverage on 1st State Bikes. Regional parks are crucial for our quality of life, which includes walking, running, relaxing, taking in nature, etc. For bicycling, they make wonderful destinations. It is also the primary news topic of Ogletown Resilience. Once there is an outcome, we will begin to diversify in the areas of active transportation, environmental stewardship, and sustainable living -- our current mission statement. Also, visit STOP on Facebook and like them to receive all the latest updates.

STOP will remain the primary topic for the duration of the campaign, since we have many first time visitors as a result of our yard signs. If you are one of these folks, please scroll down through our postings and bring yourself up to date. If you are checking in to acquire a yard sign, please email: and provide your home address, and we will deliver. The area surrounding the Orphanage Property is the priority, which includes Todd Estates, Breezewood, Scottfield, and Brookside. Our first 100 are going fast, so email us today!

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