Friday, January 26, 2018

STOP holds State legislators equally accountable. Here's why

No nonsense Rep. John Kowalko, Newark
By Angela Connolly, STOP Admin

Surely, Sen. Townsend and Reps. Osienski are angry and upset being lumped in with Meyer and Diller. We know because they told us as much in past correspondence. In their minds, they did their part by convincing the Bond Bill Committee to set aside $1.25M in the event NCC (Meyer) came through in a deal with the Nuns. So yes, in that regard, one can say that County (Diller/Meyer) is more at fault.

But here's the conundrum; that doesn't change the fact that both legislators knew years in advance that the Nuns were looking to build, and they NEVER brought it to the public's attention. Each time we have confronted them on this fact, they answer "well, we didn't think it would happen" or "we didn't think they could get a plan approved". What they should have done was recognized there was a threat, and immediately understood the invaluable opportunity they had to do something great for their districts. THEY didn't do that, they didn't see the value in preserving this amazing open space as a public asset. So we're sorry they feel this way, but by default, they must be held accountable just like Diller and Meyer..

And again, as said, they will come together in the end. If Meyer's job is threatened, they'll come full tilt to aid and assist his campaign. That is just the way it is; both major parties are loyal to their own, no matter how hideous the incumbent or candidate may be. It is foul and disgusting that they refuse to stand up for what's right, on their own, and shun fellow party mates if it comes to right vs wrong. Shame, shame on them for this disaster now being foisted on us, that comes down to party loyalty.

When something is this important to the community, the constituents, the entire region, you find a way to GET IT DONE. PERIOD! There is absolutely no excuse, especially when, in relative terms, we weren't talking about a lot of money! When you look at the expenditures NCC puts out, including $30M for a library on Rt.13, Ogletown County Park (STOP) was going to cost the County 10% of that -- 10%! ($3M) when factoring in State and donor funds!

This was purely a grab for developer interests; Exec Meyer had to deliver results to all his developer and land use campaign donors; STOP was only the first casualty, plenty more to come. We'll keep you posted on Cavaliers; Meyer et al are surely licking their lips!

Councilman Bob Weiner's website is chock full of news concerning land use issues. He updates his constituents constantly on all the latest projects. Not to tout Bob, but had we had this level of "representation" in Ogletown, we would have known well in advance of the Chestnut Hill "Preserve" and had a MUCH better chance of stopping it.

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