Sunday, January 28, 2018

Rep Baumbach to host Matt Meyer at constituent meeting, Wed 1/31

Slick on the part of Exec Meyer to give Reps Baumbach a 7:30 a.m. time slot on a Wednesday for his monthly constituent meeting, to discourage as many folks as possible. After all, Ogletown is only a stone's throw away, isn't it. This is still a MAJOR opportunity, everyone, for Ogletown residents and citizens in general to bring signs, even just the yard signs, and stand there silently (or loudly!) protesting.

By defeating STOP, what Meyer has committed us to is unspeakable, unconscionable, unforgivable. It will be in our face every day, all day, as we commute, recreate, run errands, etc. There are actually a few unlikely scenarios that can still stop this Chestnut Hill "Preserve", but they're not looking likely at this point. In the meantime, work on prepping the land for this ultra high density development will continue for some time, before the building permits are issued.

What is the likelihood you can attend? Leave for work early or go in later? Mr Meyer may not come around our area this close again, for a long time. And you know full well that Rep. Osienski or Diller won't invite their constituent meetings on the first Friday of every month! Heaven forbid.

TIME/LOCATION: Greene Turtle Restaurant on S. Main St in Newark, not far at all. 7:30 a.m. on Wed! Please message the STOP campaign on Facebook, or email if you are planning to go!

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